Windows Azure Program Manager Glenn Block talks about the latest additions to the Windows Azure Command-Line Tools.

Glenn Block on Windows Azure PowerShell CmdLets

Glenn Block is a Program Manager in the Windows Azure team Microsoft and a good old friend of mine who graciously agreed to an interview when we just met up at Oredev. We wound up talking about the updates to the Windows Azure Command-Line Tools with the new PowerShell Cmdlets. I hope you enjoy the show.

Glenn Block

The recording is a little bit in the rough right now, same as this site, but the quality of sound is absolutely good enough. (Read more below.)

(MP3 File)

The host of msnetcast is Magnus Mårtensson development consultant at Active Solution – a consultancy in Sweden with the pointy goal to be the best .NET consultants in the region.

<GentleDisclaimer>This is just a baby netcast at this time. My recording are currently not going through professional post-production. There is no intro or outro music and there are no commercials – which in a way is a good thing, right? I’m hoping to change all of this real soon. Later I might go back and have this recording cleaned a bit. And note to self; High-fiveing in the interview just over the mic like Glenn and I did is probably not a good idea. ;~)</GentleDisclaimer>



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